About Us

The catalyst behind PowerLego was the recognition that the competitive retail energy business has entered a phase of digital transformation. Our industry has been slow to take up revolutionary aspects of the digital economy: Customer Experience, Transparency and Personalization.

This is because many energy firms lack the technical capabilities and resources to make a smooth transition to the digital economy. This is where PowerLego steps in.

It is PowerLego’s mission to be a foundational building block enabling the digital transformation of the retail energy industry.

PowerLego enables this transformation through a suite of powerful yet affordable APIs that provide the most advanced, pre-trained models powered by AWS Machine Learning. It is PowerLego’s goal to make those API’s available to energy firms at a cost and ease that will spur this digital transformation thus allowing our industry to unleash the true potential of energy deregulation and competition that has alluded our industry since its founding.

PowerLego is also proud to have on his Board of Advisors, Zach Axelrod, previously of Nextility, Arcadia and now Chief Development Officer with SmartAC.com. Also on his Board of Advisors is David Steinberg also previously of Nextility and currently Chairman and Cofounder of Radius Networks.

So who should consider using PowerLego?

The answer is any retailer, energy services firm or ABC who has a need to affordably and effectively reach residential electricity customers through digital channels.

PowerLegos innovative suite of API’s include:

Bill Reader API – Improves Customer Experience by providing unprecedented capability to capture customer bill data via smart phone photo scan or file upload.

Address Validator API – Improves Customer Experience by providing exceptional address verification using fuzzy matching and type ahead address picker technology to quickly and accurately find a user’s home service address and ESSID.

Usage Estimator API (Beta) – Creates Personalization by automatically matching residential address with publicly available data to capture square footage for almost every home. Usage Estimator uses proprietary algorithms to create an annual and monthly usage forecast that is more accurate than capturing a single average bill amount.

Plan Picker API – Drives Transparency by continually tracking and analyzing residential electricity pricing by capturing rate, ETF and term data from all significant shopping sites selling in Texas.

MyAccount Reader API– Enables the automated, permission-based access to customers’ REP MyAccount to support the development and delivery of value-added insights and energy services

Other API’s are currently in development that will add to PowerLego’s suite of offerings in the near future. Currently, PowerLego only serves ERCOT markets in Texas but will soon be expanding into PJM, NYISO and ISONE.

PowerLego is based in the “Energy Capital of the World”, Houston, Texas.