SMT Consent & Access API


  • Provides near real-time access to millions of households and businesses Smart Meter Texas (SMT) interval data at point-of-sale through a simple and seamless UI-based consent and data download process.

  • Utilizes a user-friendly process that gains consent and downloads SMT data to any computer, tablet, or smart phone in less than one minute.

Why Subscribe?

  • Enables an unprecedented level of personalization in terms of product, promotions and insights creating highly compelling value propositions for prospects and customers.

  • Provides a great user experience through a near real-time, frictionless, UI-based process to pull 12 months of SMT data for prospects and customers at point-of-sale perfect for on-line, D2D, telemarketing and retail sales channels.

  • Provides ability to qualify and provide pricing to small commercial prospects based on actual usage data delivered to point-of-sale.