Usage Estimator API

For Customers

  • Usage Estimator creates a personalized power usage forecast using the customer’s actual home size to calculate a more accurate monthly and annual cost estimate.

  • Allows the user to input monthly actuals that adjusts the forecast algorithm to improve annual usage and cost estimates.

  • Customers are coming away with greater confidence in the energy supplier’s expertise based on their personalized usage and cost forecast.

For Energy Suppliers

  • Usage Estimator provides a key data point for customer segmentation and plan selection.

  • Improves user engagement by providing instant results for them to evaluate.

  • Turns usage estimates into cost estimates which is what customers care most about.

  • Automatically matches residential addresses with publically available data to capture the square foot size for specific homes.

  • Uses proprietary algorithms to create an annual and monthly usage forecast that is more accurate than the typical capture of a single average bill amount.

  • Usage Estimator provides a valuable tool to for our clients to better match plans to a specific customer while enabling a whole new level of customer segmentation.