Bill Reader API

For Customers

  • Bill Reader makes it incredibly simple for a prospective customer to start the sign-up process with an energy or services provider.

  • Instead of asking a customer to input data into lengthy and unfamiliar data fields. Bill Reader allows them to simply snap a photo of their bill on their smart phone or upload a bill image from their laptop.

  • Bill Reader enables ease of sign-up and eliminates customer error and frustration right from the very start of the relationship. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

For Energy Suppliers

  • For years a key challenge faced by energy suppliers has been acquiring accurate sign-up and enrollment data from a customer’s power bill. Bill Reader solves that problem.

  • The Bill Reader API automates the online gathering of key data points exactly as they are represented on the customer’s bill.

  • Bill Reader significantly improves the flow of customers through the online sales funnel because accurate information is gathered from the very start.

  • If a customer decides not to enroll, you still have their data for future selling and remarketing.