• Provides near real-time access to households and business past 12-month historical usage (HU) from their respective Texas ERCOT TDSPs that downloads to any computer, tablet, or smart phone in less than one minute.

  • Utilizes a simple, UI-based LOA process requiring only Name, Address, Email and Check Box Consent to execute. No need to know, ESIID, meter number or other hard to find information.

Why Subscribe?

  • Provides a great user experience by providing the easiest and fastest method for prospects and customers to gain access to their 12-month, TDSP HU data.

  • Provides ability to qualify and provide pricing to households and small commercial prospects based on their actual HU delivered to retail sales channels at point-of-sale.

  • No more waiting on lengthy EDI-based turnaround of HU data. No more lost opportunities due to waiting for HU.