• How long is the subscription term for PowerLego?

    The PowerLego standard subscription is month-to-month so there is no long-term commitment on your part. You can cancel anytime.

  • How do we pay for your subscription?

    Our focus is to make the process of using PowerLego as simple and low cost as possible so we only accept payment via credit card.

  • Once I sign-up, how long does it take to receive my PowerLego API Key?

    It is virtually instantaneous. You will have API access as soon as you complete the online sign-up process

  • What type of technical support do you offer?

    We offer on-line support for specific questions related to our APIs via email at support@PowerLego.com.

  • How reliable are the PowerLego APIs?

    Our APIs are built on market proven platforms so they are reliable, secure that integrate seamlessly with your technology.

  • How long has PowerLego been in business?

    PowerLego is a new business created in the past year by a small team of energy and technology experts who identified a need for using technology to affordably offer access to capabilities that improve the end use customer experience while delivering high quality data and insights.

  • How can I request a demo and test of your APIs?

    Simply complete a request on through Contact Us and we will follow-up with you shortly.