Load Profile Matcher API


  • Uses advanced AI to instantly run any selection of REP residential plans matched against a household’s unique energy usage profile to calculate a personalized cost for those plans regardless of plan structure.

Why Subscribe?

  • Enables the instant sorting and presentment of all REP plan options to the shopper in a personalized, low-cost order resulting in simpler decision-making with less abandonment, better sales conversion, and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Reads, parses, and interprets all plan details for all plan structures including tiered, TOU, bill credits and promotional offers.

  • Eliminates the dependency on 500/1000/2000 kWh Usage Walls as a way of comparing average plan rate and costs.

  • Makes the process of selecting the lowest cost plan based on their usage profile incredibly simple and accurate no matter the plan structure such as fixed, tiered, TOU, etc.